At a practical level the development of the parish community requires the skills and leadership of many people. So, here you will find resources to help you in the practical task of being part of the development your own parish community.

We have grouped these resources into three broad themes:-

A parish massWorship, Scripture and Prayer

As well as example liturgies that could be adopted for your own parish use there is advice about leading services – such as Eucharistic services or a funeral service – where no priest is available to serve the community. Read More




Just because people come to mass on a Sunday does not mean that there is a vibrant and growing parish community. In this section are resources about how to do things like set up a parish social committee or Liturgy group, about the ways of working that will bring people in and make them feel valued and included. Read More


An inter-faith walk in KeighleyMission / Outreach

Our parish is not a way of avoiding the world outside, though it seems that way when you talk to some people. How do we find out what contribution we can make to the wider community in order to bring the Good News to them? Then, how do we go about doing it?

Read More

Some Examples from Doncaster

Here are a range of sample documents and leaflets that have been developed for use in Doncaster. Take a look and see if they give you ideas for your own parish or see how you might adapt them for use in your situation.

Resource Detail 
Example of a Christian Unity gathering
(Parishes of Hope)
Renewal of Marriage Vows for a couple-in the absence of a priest
(Parishes of Hope)
CWAC Guidelines from the Liturgy Office
Daily prayer for a parish during the Year of Faith - and beyond
(Parishes of Hope)
Example of a parish finance statement
(Parishes of Hope)
Example of a parish ministeries rota
(Parishes of Hope)
Welcome to our church - draft KS1
(Parishes of Hope)
Welcome to our church - draft KS2
(Parishes of Hope)
Example of a Parish Lent Programme
(Parishes of Hope)
Planning a Funeral
(Parishes of Hope)

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